On the top of technological evolution

Seeking for optimal utilization of carbon fibres in plastic pipe systems has finally ended. CARBOCRP is on the top of the technological evolution of plastic pipes for hot & cold applications.

Perfection has found its name: CARBOCRP

Top End in Every Regard

  • lower thermal expansion (compared with PP-R pipe)
  • temperature resistance up to 90 °C
  • higher pressure resistance at high temperatures up to 50 %
  • 20 % higher flow rate
  • standard welding procedure as PP-R
  • no peeling before welding required
  • universality and compatible with PP-R system
  • alternative to PP-R S2.5 pipe (PN20)
  • 20-year warranty
  • lower weight - by 17 % in average
  • lower wearing of cutting tools

Carbon: material of the future

A high-end material known for being used in construction of spacecraft, racing yachts, Formula 1 cars or racing motorcycles, it is now offered by us in combination with the innovative PP-RCT in a unique pipe designated for “common” application.

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